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Sonia Chakarova

Sonia ChakarovaSonya Chakarova was born in Montana on May 18, 1981. She has been involved in music since she was 5 years old. From the age of 8 she sang in a folk choir, as well as in a choir for schooled singing. He completed his secondary education in Montana in a class with extended study of music and folk singing. Immediately after graduating from high school, after entrance exams, she was admitted to AMTII Plovdiv with a degree in Conducting Folk Ensembles and a second degree in Performing Arts – Folk Singing. After 5 years of training he graduated with a master’s degree in conducting.
From 2001 to 2003 he worked as a soloist in the State Folklore Ensemble “Trakia” Plovdiv.
In 2003, after an audition-competition, she was accepted as a singer-chorister in the choir “Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria” with conductor Vanya Moneva. He still sings in this ensemble. With the Choir of Voices Choir, recently renamed the Vanya Moneva Choir, he has given numerous concerts in Bulgaria and around the world – Austria, Belgium, India, China, Italy, Japan, Belgium and others. Participates in countless projects – folklore, jazz, ethno, classical and many recordings of film music. With the Vanya Moneva Choir they won the first prize in the open category of the International Choir Competition “Let the Nations Sing” on the European Radio-2015.
From 2006 to 2020 year he worked as a TV presenter and director. As a director he has shot over 200 videos of folk singers, as well as several musical films about prominent folk singers and films related to the customs of the Bulgarians. In parallel with all this, he develops his teaching activities with children and adults. Since 2016 he has been working in a duet with the singer Dimitar Argirov. Together with him they started working on a new project “Goryani”, where they find the intersection between rock and folklore.
For more than 15 years, he has been holding singing classes every summer in his hometown of Montana at the invitation of the head of Torlashki Napevi, Tsvetan Tsvetanov. Over the years he has led children’s groups and individual lessons in folk singing. From 2020 at the invitation of the head of PFA “Shevitsa” Petar Angelov became conductor of the folk choir of the Ensemble, as well as children’s choir.

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