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Regulations of the International Music Online Competition “Wings for Stars”

The International Online Music Competition “Wings for Stars” has the following structure:

  • Section A – professionals
  • Section B – non-professionals


  1. Instrumental Music
  2. Bulgarian Folklore Instrumental Music
  3. Vocals

The category ‘Instrumental Music’ includes the following instruments:

  • piano
  • accordion
  • guitar
  • string and bow instruments – violin, viola, cello and double bass
  • woodwind instruments – flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone
  • brass instruments – trumpet, flughorn, French horn, trombone, tuba
  • percussion instruments
  • chamber music


The category “Bulgarian Folk Instrumental Music” includes the specialties:

  • gadulka
  • tambourine
  • kaval
  • bagpipe
  • chamber music


The category “Vocal” includes the specialties:

  • pop and jazz
  • opera
  • musical
  • folklore
  • vocal ensembles
  • beatboxing

Age groups and duration:

*The age of the participant (s) is taken into account on the day of submission of the Application Form.

Categories 1,2 and 3:
Group I – up to 7 years of age incl. (up to 5 minutes)
Group II – 8 to 10 years of age incl. (up to 7 minutes)
Group III – 11 to 13 years of age incl. (up to 9 minutes)
Group IV – 14 to 16 years of age incl. (up to 12 minutes)
Group V – 17 to 19 years of age incl. (up to 20 minutes)
Group VI – 20 – 25 years of age incl. (up to 25 minutes)
Group VII – 25 years of age and more (up to 30 minutes)

* The age groups of the ensembles are determined by the average age of the participants.
** Age group VII is open only to participants in the “Amateurs” section.
*** For a beatboxing specialty, the video must be 90 seconds without video editing.

In ensembles:
The age category of the groups and formations is formed according to the majority of the participants. If 50% or more of them fall into a certain category, the whole ensemble belongs to it.


All winners of the Wings for Stars competition will receive a medal and a laureate diploma.
* Medals and diplomas are sent by courier company “DHL”, it is requested in advance by applying for participation and the courier service is at the expense of the recipient.


The Grand Prix participants will be awarded a cash prize of 200BGN and a voucher from our partners.
Participants awarded with First Prize and Grand Prix will receive 50% discount on 1 optional workshop organized by the “Flight of Stars” Foundation.
* Teachers who have more than two winners will receive a certificate of excellence.

The competition awards will be judged against strict criteria based on a points system, which is as follows:
100 points – Grand Prix “Wings for Stars”
90 – 99 points – 1-st place – “Golden wings” award
80 – 89 points – 2-nd place – “Silver wings” award
70 – 79 points – 3-rd place – “Bronze wings” award
60 – 69 points – “Flying wings” incentive award

Special awards from the Foundation and partners:


The grand prize in the Third International Online Contest “Wings for stars” is the recording, distribution and promotion of the winner’s project by the music company “MUZE Music”!

The award includes:

🏆Support the young artist by recording and distributing his project through the company’s channels and social networks
🏆Press release to all media sent by the company

*In the absence of a ready project, the company will assist in its creation.

MUZE Music” is the most modern and fastest growing music company in Bulgaria, which is already defined as No.1 in the music industry. Among the many artists he has worked with are FYRE, Dim4ou, Torino & Pashata, V:RGO & Emil TRF, Kamelia and others.
The award is provided and will be presented by a representative of the company who will be part of the jury.


With the mission of promoting music and valuable content on social networks, this year the Art Foundation “Flight of Stars” awards a new special prize“INSTAGRAM STAR“.


  • Participants aged 13+ can enter from their personal Instagram account
  • The competition for this prize is not linked to participation in the “Wings for stars 2024 International Online Competition”.
  • Record up to 90 seconds of video of your musical performance
  • Share it on your Instagram account in collaboration to @artfoundationflightofstars (to add the account in collaboration you need to have followed it first)
  • The participant with the most views by 31 May 2024 will win the “Instagram star” of “Wings for stars 2024”
  • The winner wins a statuette, a diploma and a gift – Consultation “How to professionally develop your Instagram profile in the music industry” by Business Model



In each category we will award 1 People’s Choice Award for the most likes on our YouTube channel! One of these three People’s Choice Award winners will be drawn in a live drawing and receive a professional audio recording and mixing by our partner Toxity Studio!
* All videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel after the submission deadline and the public will have a limited time until 31 May to cast their vote.
** The video with the most likes will receive the People’s Choice Award and will be entered into the draw for professional audio recording and mixing! So be quick to like the videos of your favourites!

Award of the “Flight of Stars” Foundation – a one-time scholarship in the amount of 200 BGN.

A special award named after Pancho Vladigerov on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of his birth. ( Participants wishing to receive this award must perform a work by the composer.)

Special award in the name of Hristina Morfova on the occasion of her 135th birthday. ( The jury will award the prize for the best operatic voice. )

Special award in the name of Lyubomir Pipkov on the occasion of his 120th birthday. (Participants wishing to receive this award must perform a work by the composer.)

Special award for the best performance of a song in Bulgarian (in the styles: pop, jazz, rock, Bulgarian folklore).

Prize for the youngest participant

Awards from our partner – Blue Minor Studio.

Categories 1,2 and 3:

Soloists – 56 EUR. For solo participants, applying in other specialties again with solo performance, the fee for the second specialty is worth: 30 EUR, and for the third – 15 EUR.

– duet/duo – EUR 40 per participant
– trio – EUR 30 per participant
– quartet – EUR 25 per participant
– from 5 to 8 participants – EUR 20 per participant
– from 9 to 14 participants – EUR 15 per participant
– over 15 participants – EUR 12 per participant


In case of a request for a review by the chairman of the jury, an additional fee of 35 EUR will be charged.
Early entries (until 31.03.2024) enjoy a 20% discount on the participation fee.
Reviews are not subject to discounts.
The participation fees for residents outside Bulgaria are in Euro (EUR) and in BGN (BGN).
Participants with a TELC receive a 50% discount on the entry fee (if the TELC decision is sent to our e-mail address:

Rules for participation:

  1. Performers choose up to two works within the time limit for the age group they fall into. If the set time is exceeded – the performance will not be taken into account.
  2. Works in Category 1 (Instrumental Music) and Category 2 (Bulgarian Folk Instrumental Music), Section A (Professionals) must be performed on an acoustic instrument and without sheet music. With percussion instruments, everything is played by rote except the membranes! For pieces in Category 1 and Category 2, Section B (Amateur) there are no restrictions, but playing from memory will be taken into account by the jury.
  3. The video can be shot with a phone, video camera, tablet, etc. and must be shot in an environment free of unnecessary noises and sounds. It should include the hands (for instrumentalists) and the performer’s face. For the “Vocal” category, the video must be filmed full-length, with a central camera. Videos for all categories must not include a montage from different angles of performance.
  4. The video must be filmed without interruptions and the performances should be recorded on one file, no adjustments are allowed by quality treatments and adding extra frames. The video must be specifically created for the Wings for Stars competition and cannot be from another concert performance.
  5. Instrumentals including backing vocals repeating the main melody are not eligible for the Vocal category. Videos with musical instrument accompaniment and instrumentals without any vocals are allowed.
  6. For the beatboxing specialty, the video must be 90 seconds, with no editing. Videos with and without microphone are allowed, as well as with or without vocals in the performance. Musicality in performance, rhythmicity, creativity, and technique will be monitored.
  7. Cynical expressions and gestures are not tolerated. Failure to comply with the rule will result in disqualification.
  8. To submit an Entry Form, the video must be uploaded to a file sharing platform and a download link must be attached. The link should be valid for not less than 5 days from the date of submission of the Application Form. We recommend using file-sharing platforms such as or similar.
    Videos previously uploaded to YOUTUBE and attached links to them are not accepted. VIDEOS SHOULD NOT BE UPLOADED IN ADVANCE ON YOUTUBE, whether hidden or not.
    The link must lead to a video uploaded directly to a file-sharing platform!
  9. The link to the video is included in the Application Form. The deadline for applications is 10.05.2024. Documents sent after this date will not be accepted.
  10. Only those who have paid the participation fee to the following bank account will be accepted as registered participants:
    Bank: Unicredit Bulbank
    For: the “Flight of Stars Foundation”Individual participants shall indicate as the reason for the transfer – the name of the participant and for additional description – category and specialty.
    Ensembles pay a common participation fee. The name of the ensemble is given as the reason for the translation, and the category and specialty are given for additional description.
    All transaction fees are the responsibility of the participants!
  11. The results will be announced by 20.06.2024 on the website of the competition and on the social networks of the Foundation. Reviews will be sent by e-mail until 30.06.2024.
  12. The Jury has the authority to choose not to grant all the awards, as deemed appropriate in their judgment. Its decisions shall be final and non-negotiable.
  13. The organisers reserve the right to change the deadlines in circumstances beyond their control. By submitting their applications, applicants agree to this condition.
  14. Participation fees and review fees are non-refundable. All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the participant.
  15. Participants with a TELC receive a 50% discount on the entry fee (if the TELC decision is sent to our e-mail address:

How to apply:

  1. Record a video that meets the rules of participation (all performances must be in one file), upload it to a file sharing platform and prepare a link to it that is valid for at least 5 days from the submission of the application. You will need this link when completing the Application Form. We recommend using one of the file sharing platforms such as or similar.
  2. Complete your Application for participation (to be completed for each individual participation).
  3. Pay the required participation fee by bank transfer, no later than 5 days from the date of submission of the Application Form. The bank account is specified in the Entry Rules.

Applications are only considered valid once all necessary conditions for application have been met.

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